On the 6th of September, 2017 at the ETIM International meeting in Frankfurt by the decision of the Executive Board RAEC was approved as a full member of the association. That was the day when the ETIM International partnership was enlarged by the 17th national organization.

On the 28th of September, 2017 ETIM International issued official press release on RAEC membership. Representing Russia, RAEC will reinforce its activities on maintaining ETIM as the uniform standard for the Russian electrotechnical industry, providing educational and consultancy support to the market, be involved in the electrotechnical e-catalogue and adapting the constantly developing standard to Russian needs. United digital industry has no limits and gives more opportunities for  growth.


“The growing partnership between ETIM International and RAEC in Russia will provide a Russian voice in the ongoing development of ETIM,” said Franz Ernst, President, ETIM International. “This alignment will help make international business in the electrical industry more efficient while also allowing ETIM International to better understand the needs of the Russian market.”

Being a pioneer for the ETIM-movement in Russia, RAEC translated and adapted ETIM according to specific Russian needs. The RAEC Centre of nomenclature and ETIM, founded in 2014, manages a uniform electrotechnical e-catalogue based on the  ETIM standard, that now has more than 1 million products of 760 different brands. For the past 3 years RAEC has become the acknowledged ETIM expert in the Russian electrotechnical industry.

“It’s a great honor for us to become a part of ETIM International and represent our country as ETIM Russia”, said Andrey Sukhoverhov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, RAEC. “ETIM membership is also a great responsibility. We have done lots of work for ETIM in the past 3 years and we will do much more in the future. We are confident that ETIM soon will become the standard for the whole industry and this will become a milestone in its development”.

About ETIM International: The association ETIM International is a partnership of national ETIM organizations and has its official seat in Brussels. ETIM International is founded to join forces in the development, maintenance, publishing and promotion of one ETIM Technical Information Model for the classification of technical products. The power of ETIM is the collective; independent and sector wide organizing is the only way to success. The focus of ETIM International for the presence lies on the classification of electro technical products, HVAC, Sanitary and the building sector, but the association is open for entry of other related industry sectors. Current member countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States and Canada and UK. (www.etim-international.com).

About RAECThe Russian association of electrotechnical companies (RAEC) is the first Russian association of independent wholesalers,leaders in their respective regions. Since the 1st of January2014 RAEC is a member of IMELCO, the leading consortium of independent electrical wholesale companies in Europe, Australia, Russia and US. Founded in 2012, RAEC celebrated its 5th anniversary on the 2nd of February2017. RAEC’s Uniform electrotechnical e-catalogue, based on the ETIM standard (catalog.raec.su), became the main tool for many wholesalers and distributors. Among the main RAEC projects are the Centre of nomenclature and ETIM, RAEC University (e-learning and certification) and the Centre of analytics and BI (industry analytics). RAEC has a wide member geography representing practically all regions of Russia. RAEC has its operational office located in Voronezh and its commercial office in Moscow (www.raec.su).

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