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The University of the Association has launched the “RAEC Leaders in Training” program, which makes it possible to mark the specialists and companies who have achieved the greatest results.


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New Brand Added to the Unified Base of Electrical Products DIODEX has become a new brand in the Unified Base of Electrical Products in ETIM International Standard.


Assembly of Main Distribution Frame for Scientific and Technical Center “TMK”, PJSC at Skolkovo Completed at Elevel Production Facilities

In the Elevel assembly workshop, within a month, the specialists have assembled a complex structure – the 4,000 A main distribution frame consisting of 23 columns.


RAEC – Partner of “Electrosite-2018” Contest The Association has become an official partner of the XII Annual International Contest of Internet Resources "Electrosite 2018".


RAEC has announced change in the membership The number of members of the Russian Association of Electrical Companies has changed to 16 companies.


RAEC Members Visited E-Masters Trendforum

The representatives of Elektrokomplektservis, CJSC and Electrical Technologies were the guests of the annual e-masters trendforum. The event was held from June 22 to June 23 in Berlin at the ESTREL Congress Center.


“Elcom-Electro” Will Take Part in StaplerCup International Competition

The Company employees will take part in the first qualifying stage of the competition among the Linde Material Handling loading machinery drivers called StaplerCup. The event will take place on June 28 at the same time as the Linde MH Open Doors Day.


New in EKF Assortment: Frequency Changers in Basic Line

The range of automation and control equipment manufactured by EKF has been supplemented with frequency changers in Basic line. They have been designed to control the rotation speed of motors with a capacity of 0.4 to 7.5 kW.


Uralenergo Group of Companies Will Hold a Partners Forum in Honor of its 15th Anniversary A large-scale business event of the federal level will be held on July 12, 2018 in the central square of Izhevsk.


Elevel and Schneider Electric Team Successfully Coped with All Competitions at Hero Race in Novosibirsk

On June 23, the Hero Race was held at the Koltsovo training ground in Novosibirsk. The Elevel and Schneider Electric team was the first to come to the finish line, having outrun all the competitors.


Schneider Electric Presented Atlas Design Series

The sales of the new series of wiring products started on June 20, 2018.


Hegel Became the RAEC Supplier In mid-June, the RAEC supplier portfolio increased its membership with the Hegel brand. 


Elevel Customers’ Trip to DKC Plant

On June 14, the Elevel customers went to Tver to the Association’s long-time partner and supplier.


RAEC Representatives at Congress “Electrical Assembly 2018. Quality Standards”

On June 13-14, a 2-day congress was held in the territory of the Resource Center, which brought together experts from state and governmental agencies, manufacturers, and distributors. Ekaterina Izrailit, Project Manager of the RAEC University, spoke on the second day of the Congress.


Birthday of “Krasnodarelectro”

On June 10, “Krasnodarelectro” Company turned 14.


RAEC Will Take Part in Congress “Electrical Assembly 2018. Quality Standards” The 3rd All-Russian Congress will be held on June 13-14 in the territory of the Resource Center – one of the sites of Moscow College of Communications No. 54 named after P.M. Vostrukhin. Ekaterina Izrailit, Project Manager of the RAEC University, will speak on the second day of the Congress. 


IEK Offsite Conference for Project Sales Managers, the RAEC Members

On June 5-6, Project Sales Managers of Electrical Company “Eco Svet”, ABC-electro, and Elcom-Electro participated in the IEK offsite conference.


RAEC at IMELCO Meeting in Frankfurt

From June 4 to June 6, the annual IMELCO Meeting was held in Frankfurt. At the event, the Association was represented by Andrei Sukhoverkhov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Viktor Svintsov, Commercial Director..


3rd Integration of a Side Distributor to the Unified RAEC Base Completed

The TESLI Company has become the 3rd side distributor to integrate with the Unified Base of Electrical Products on a commercial basis.


Schneider Electric Presented the Unica New Series The series was developed based on the successful design of Unica wiring devices. 


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