Nomenclature and ETIM center

ETIM International authorized representative

Since September 6, 2017 RAEC has been an authorized representative of ETIM International in Russia.

Nomenclature and ETIM center is a subdivision of the Association involved in the whole range of activitiies under the international ETIM standard:

  • development and creating content for the Unified Base of Electrotechnical Goods
  • russification and introduction of the ETIM standard
  • automatization of data exchange with the suppliers
  • ETIM-based projects
  • commercial services for Distributors and Suppliers

About the ETIM standard

ETIM (Electro-Technical Information Model) is an international standard for classification and description of electrotechnical goods: light fittings, sockets, lamps, light switches etc

The classification of electrotechnical goods is designed in such a manner that any person in the “manufacturer – buyer” chain could get error-free information about each product. The ETIM model gives a list of the most important technical characteristics of each class of products for a unified description and quick search of the goods.

Maya Avdonina

Head of the center

+7 499 704-66-42 ext. 1030

Vladislav Sechin

Business Development Manager

+7 499 704-66-42 ext. 1037