Admission terms

The Association is open to admit new members – independent distributors of electrotechnical products.


A RAEC membership applicant must:

  • Be an independent distributor of electrotechnical products

  • Have the status of a regional leader

  • Have a positive business reputation

  • Display financial stability

  • Share RAEC principles, goals, and objectives

  • Pay admission and insurance fees on time

  • Assume joint liabilities of the Association members  

Joining procedure

  • Sending an Association membership request with a questionnaire completed by a RAEC membership applicant

  • Applicant evaluation by the Chief Commercial Officer

  • Voting the applicant’s nomination at the Management Committee

  • RAEC Board of Directors decision on admitting the new member

  • Paying admission and insurance fees

  • Legal registration of the new RAEC member


Membership fees

There are following types of fees in the Association: admission fees, insurance fees, membership fees, special-purpose fees. 
  • Admission fees and insurance fees are paid at the moment of a company’s admission to the Association.

  • Membership fees are defined for a period of one year. The size shall be approved in the Association’s budget. It contains a fixed part and a variable part. The variable part depends on the scale of the RAEC member’s activity to follow the principles of fair involvement. Membership fees are paid on a quarterly basis. 

  • Special-purpose fees are applicable in case of additional investment in the new projects of the Association.