BigPro is the Winner of the “Golden Photon” Award

On September 11, 2019, the winners of the “Golden Photon” Eurasian Award in lighting and electrotechnical engineering were announced in Moscow. A RAEC company BigPro is among the winners.

Three dozen companies fought for the title of best in the season of 2019; more than 60 applications in 30 nominations were submitted.

BigPro won the “Golden Photon” Eurasian Award in the “Religious Object Lighting” nomination with a full-cycle lighting project and lighting installation at the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

And that is not all! BigPro became the finalists of the "Project of the Year 2019" in the nomination "Outdoor Lighting for Sports Areas" with implemented lighting for the stadium and other sports grounds of the Letovo school in Moscow.


Of their two lighting projects submitted to the jury, both projects reached the final. One of them outran the peer competitors.

All products nominated for the Award have been tested for compliance with the declared technical specifications in independent accredited laboratories. Open hearings were held at which the nominees presented their products and projects to the members of the jury, formed from reputable industry experts. Then, at closed meetings of relevant committees, the laureates and winners of the Award were chosen.

As a result of a multi-stage verification, the list of Golden Photon winners becomes a pool of guaranteed reliable manufacturers and service providers and a true guide for the consumer, choosing a contractor.

The title of nominee, laureate and winner of the Award is by itself a recommendation, it is used by the participants of the Award in their marketing communications with the market.

Participation in the Award significantly strengthens the competitive positions of companies: the list of winners is posted on the website of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the products of the nominees, laureates and winners of the award are marked with a special sign for distributors and customers at the largest platforms - in the ETIM database, on the websites of RAEC participants, and in the ETM database. All this contributes to the increase in proven attractiveness of companies in the eyes of potential consumers.

The award also effectively solves the problems of identifying iconic people in the industry and creating a professional rating. In the category “Recognition of the Industry” two statuettes are awarded - in the “Person of the Year” and “Contribution to the Development of the Industry” nominations. In both cases winners are determined using a two-step method: the finalists (no more than 3) are determined by open voting on the award website, and the winners are chosen by secret voting by the participants of the Grand Award Ceremony of the Award.


The “Golden Photon” Award - 2019 Winners List

“Product of the Year” category

“Console Lamp for Street and Road” nomination, “power less than 100W” subnomination

LEDEL company, Street X1 80W lamp

Led-Effect company, LE-СКУ-28-020-0743-67Х

“Lamp for Garden and Park Lighting”

MSK BL GROUP, GALAD Granada LED-24 lamp

“Project of the Year” category

“Lighting of Building and Structure Facades” nomination

IntiLED company, lighting of the LETO shopping and entertainment complex in St.Petersburg

“Religious Objects” subnomination

BIGPRO company, the Moscow Cathedral Mosque

“Lighting of Shopping Areas” nomination

Aledo company and YARKO-YARKO lighting design studio, “DEPO.Moscow” food mall

“Industrial Lighting” nomination

Zers Design company, “the Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline” construction project

“Lighting of Public Spaces” nomination

Tochka Opory company, Kashirskaya Plaza shopping and entertainment centre

“Business Achievements of the Year” category

“Breakthrough of the Year” nomination

Mikhail Gusmanov, “Light in retail” book

“Best Marketing Campaign of the Year” nomination

LEDVANCE company

The “Media of the Year” category was introduced in 2019 with different nomination. The winners are:

“Media of the Year” category

“Around the World” nomination

Newspaper "Energy and Industry of Russia” with the article "Lighting Engineering under Personal Control"

“Ray of Light” nomination

ELEC.RU platform, article by A.Vasilyev “Caution, LEDs!”

“Spotlight of the Industry” nomination

Journal “Semiconductor Lighting Engineering”, JSC Schientific and Research Institute of Fine Mechanics, article by O. Zotin “Some Features of a Systematic Approach to “Smart” Lighting Design”

“Recognition of the Industry” category

“Contribution to the Industry Development” nomination

Eugen Alles, General Director of Messe Frankfurt Rus

“Repson of the Year” nomination

Andrei Ryzhov, ARLIGHT company