Assembly of Main Distribution Frame for Scientific and Technical Center “TMK”, PJSC at Skolkovo Completed at Elevel Production Facilities

In the Elevel assembly workshop, within a month, the specialists have assembled a complex structure – the 4,000 A main distribution frame consisting of 23 columns.

Total length of the main distribution frame – 15 m, height with set bus bar adapters – 2.55 m, weight – about 8 tons.

For the production of the main distribution frame, reliable and long-term CQE series DKC layers, automatic breakers (Masterpact, Compact NSX and Aсti9) and Canalis Schneider Electric bus bar were used.

The main distribution frame will get electricity from the transformer substation and distribute it to the facilities of the center: industrial premises, boiler room, etc.

The introductory and sectional automatic breakers are equipped with electrical and mechanical block system, which ensures the safety of the maintenance personnel and prevents erroneous switching on/switching over of the equipment.

For the production of the electric board, reliable and durable CQE series layers by DKC, automatic machines (by Masterpact, Compact NSX and Асti9) and the bus bar by Canalis Schneider Electric were used.

25 devices have been installed to measure all the parameters of the electrical network, and they can also be used for technical metering of electricity in the Automatic System for Commercial Accounting of Power Consumption System.

The customer set the condition to carry out the project on the high quality equipment and in the shortest possible time. As a result, the main distribution frame was assembled for 24 work shifts.

Before transportation, we carried out the work together with the customer, who was satisfied.