Nomenclature of the Ivanovo Cable Plant is Filled Out in the ETIM Standard

The Centre for Nomenclature and ETIM of RAEC announced the completion of the technical information of the Ivanovo Cable Plant in the international ETIM standard.

Full nomenclature of the brand in the ETIM standard is available at the Unified Electrotechnical Products Database.

Ivanovo Cable Plant, LLC is an industrial enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of cable products: power and fire-resistant cables. The Ivanovo Cable Plant manufacturing enterprise has been operating since 2015.  

The company has all the necessary resources, both production and labour, to solve current and strategic development tasks. 

Their own laboratory is the pride of the Ivanovo Cable Plant. Each produced batch of power and fire-resistant cables is tested for compliance with technical specifications and GOST. All products of the Ivanovo Cable Plant, which meet the requirements of quality control, are marked with the “IvCP” label.

The Unified Electrotechnical Products Database in the ETIM International Standard is the most complete online catalogue of electrotechnical products: 

  • 1.4 million products

  • 760 brands

  • more than 2000 categories and groups

An application for the Database services can be left on the page of the Centre for Nomenclature and ETIM or sent to the email address