RAEC to Specialists in the Field of Electrotechnics

2019 was significant for RAEC in many directions. This year, under their auspices, RAEC participants successfully developed the format for meetings of professional buyers and manufacturers of electrical products, which has the status of forums and exhibitions - Electrician's Day. Among the participants are ElectroMIR, Electrokomplektservis, Kristall-Electro.  

The ElectroMIR company held 2 “Megamaster” exhibitions at its sites in 2019: On July 25, in Yekaterinburg, and on October 24, in Perm.

560 people attended the event in Yekaterinburg: private installers, installing teams, enterprise representatives, and construction companies.

Proven products and new solutions have been shown by 35 manufacturers of electrotechnical and lighting equipment, cable and cable support systems, and sanitary engineering. Each guest had the opportunity to learn the nuances of working with equipment at master classes and participate in professional competitions.

The representatives of IEK GROUP who took part in the exhibition noted the level of business program preparation, which took into consideration the interests of the professional audience: presentations of the newest electrotechnical products, consultations, technical contests, seminars, and workshops.

IEK GROUP conducted a quiz on the history of the company, the IEK® product range, etc. The workshop “Automated Lighting Control Systems Using DALI Protocol” was also very popular.

On October 24, at the Megamaster exhibition, which was held in Perm for the first time, specialists in the installation of engineering networks and manufacturers of technical equipment met.

In the engineering hypermarket "ElectroMIR" 20 manufacturing companies presented their products. A rich program of the exhibition was designed taking into account the interests of the professional audience: the latest achievements in electrical engineering and plumbing, consultations, technical competitions, seminars, and master classes held by manufacturers.

Electrical professionals with great interest attend the events of the participants and even invite their colleagues.

On November 15, Electrician’s Day in Kirov, organized by Kristall-Electro, brought together more than 300 visitors: professional electricians, heads of specialized enterprises, specialists involved in project sales, specialists and heads of companies involved in electrical installation works.

On the site of the “Kristall-Electrotsentr” hypermarket, 13 world-renowned companies were represented, as well as its own production company, Elektrostandart.

Manufacturers held 12 seminars and master classes for the participants of the event.

One of them can be seen on the KVT Youtube channel.  

During the Electrician's Day, the results of the large-scale competition "I Want a TV", which lasted several months, were summed up. In addition to the main prize, 19 more prizes were awarded.

There was an official broadcast of the Electrician’s Day, which was posted on the Internet in the official group of Kristall-Electro VK

In 2019, the Electrokomplektservis company held 3 forums for electricians: in Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk.

In Barnaul, the Electrician’s Day electrotechnical forum was held on April 26. The leading partners of the “Planeta Elektrika” chain of stores gathered at one venue, and ABB became the general partner of the forum.

On the territory of the “Respublica” trade and exhibition complex, invited electricians, power engineers, suppliers, as well as students of the last courses in electrical engineering had the opportunity to meet with manufacturers and get as much information as possible from them about how to improve their work in any aspect.

On September 20, in the “Sibir” exhibition complex in Krasnoyarsk an annual Electrician’s Day electrotechnical forum was held. About five hundred installers, energy specialists, and engineers gathered at the grand opening. At the event, 4 venues worked with master classes and presentations from suppliers.

The guests listened to more than 10 presentations and workshops by manufacturers.


Novosibirsk hosted the electrotechnical forum on October 18. The Planeta Elektrika store chain and Electrokomplektservis, CJSC, brought together leading manufacturers of electrotechnical product at one of the best sites of the city. About eight hundred installers, power engineers and engineers attended the grand opening.

The guests were met by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC Elektrokoplektservis Glazunov Vladimir Viktorovich.

The wiring forum was attended by representatives of the Planeta Elektrika network branches and regional leaders. After the official opening of the wiring forum, master classes, and presentations from suppliers were simultaneously opened at 4 sites.

The guests listened to more than 15 presentations and workshops by manufacturers.

One of the main events at the Electrician’s Day event was a speech by Vladimir Kashkin, director of the “Honest Position” Association.

So, the Electrician's Day in Novosibirsk became a meeting place for representatives of electricians' unions from Omsk and Novosibirsk. The guests noted sincere atmosphere, warm welcome from the manufacturers and a great opportunity to discuss issues at a comfortable venue.

The OSTEC company has also shared their impressions about the event: “The annual electrotechnical forum once again brought together under one roof many interesting people, strong manufacturers and companies. The event turned out to be productive, fun and active. It was a pleasure for the OSTEC company to take part in it. We wish there would be more such events in the future!” 

In 2020 professional clients of RAEC members can expect many more interesting things: new projects, meetings, forums and events. See you next year!