SDS-Group became the Association's supplier

In August, the RAEC Suppliers Portfolio was replenished with 3 companies, one of which was SDS-Group.


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Meeting of IEK and Uralenergo Representatives A meeting of “Uralenergo” and IEK Division Managers took place in Izhevsk.


TSS Group of Companies Became the Association’s Supplier

In August, the TSS Group of Companies expanded the RAEC Suppliers Portfolio.


“Elcom-Electro” and DKC Summed Up Half Year Results

On August 17, “Elkom-Electro” and DKC Companies held a meeting devoted to the summing up of the half year results at "Solaris" Country Club.


The Unified Base of Electrical Products Got State Registration at the Register of Databases

The Unified RAEC Base was successfully registered with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.


Retail Days Schneider Electric in Moscow

Moscow, where the head offices of many of the RAEC members are located, has become the next Retail Days point for the stunning Schneider Electric team.



On August 9-10, FORUM ELECTRO – DKC round table on project sales is held in Nizhny Novgorod region.


Excursion to “Uralenergo” Plant Partner for “Kvantorium” Students

The partner of the RAEC member – “Energoregion” Electrical Plant – was pleased to provide a platform for the excursions organized for the students of “Kvantorium” Technical Park in Izhevsk.


RAEC Meeting in Kirov On July 19-21, “Crystal” Company hosted the participants of the RAEC meeting in Kirov.


SPL Training for Elevel Employees SPL Company provided training for the employees of Elevel Branch in Yekaterinburg. 


Retail Days in Saint Petersburg

On July 18-19, the cultural capital of Russia became the venue for Retail Days Schneider Electric.


“KVT” Seminar for “Aventa” Company Employees

On June 22, a field seminar organized by “KVT” Plant specialists was held in Bryansk.


Schneider Electric and Elevel Launched Offer Together Schneider Electric and Elevel launched offer for dealers and sales outlets* for Blanca, Etyud, Glossa series.


RAEC University Launched 4 New Courses

The new courses refer to the following categories: “Cable-Support Systems”, “Wiring Accessories”, and “Technique for Comfort”.


RAEC Conference on Project Lighting Engineering On July 26-27, the Conference on Project Lighting Engineering organized by the RAEC was held in the vicinities of Moscow. The representatives of the RAEC companies and the Association’s suppliers took part in it.


NK Group and IEK Group of Companies: Work Together, Rest Together

On July 21, a joint team building of the “NK Group” and IEK called “4 elements” took place at Losevo Leisure Base.


New Brand Added to the Unified Base of Electrical Products TSS has been added in the Unified Base of Electrical Products in ETIM Standard.


Uralenergo and DKC Conference in Turkey

On July 19-22, a joint conference of the RAEC member the “Uralenergo” Company and the Association’s supplier the DKC Company was held in Turkey.


RAEC at Uralenergo Partner Forum On July 12, an event of federal significance – the “Uralenergo” Partner Forum – was held in the Central Square of Izhevsk, with the Association’s support.


Retail Days in Krasnodar Retail Days Schneider Electric continue their march through the Russian cities. On July 4-5, the supplier's event was held in Krasnodar.


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